The Exposure Assessment and Management Division (EAM) of R. I. Analytical has been providing asbestos, lead paint and professional indoor air quality services to clients throughout New England since 1976. Our licensed asbestos investigators provide project design, inspection and monitoring services on a routine basis. In addition, our trained staff of experts stands ready to respond to indoor air quality issues, whether investigating nuisance odor complaints or monitoring suspected employee exposures.
The Exposure Assessment & Management Division (EAM) includes all of the field-based capability within the company, including complete investigation of organic, inorganic, biological and ventilation-related problems.

•  Airborne Fungal Analyses
•  Asbestos inspections, monitoring and consulting
•  Direct Microbial Analysis
•  Field sampling services
•  Indoor Air Quality Assessment (IAQ)
•  Industrial Hygiene
•  Lead paint surveys and consulting
•  Polyclonal Dust Mite Testing
Inspections & Reporting
R. I. Analytical Laboratories routinely performs asbestos inspections throughout New England to identify and confirm the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACM) within a particular structure.

When conducting a thorough onsite inspection, our licensed professionals examine the building using an investigative process that is designed to ensure compliance with applicable regulations. During the inspection, materials may be collected for analysis by our own, fully accredited, asbestos testing laboratory. Following laboratory analysis, a detailed written report is prepared which presents our findings.

Project Design and Specifications
R.I. Analytical Laboratories will review the survey information and project parameters to design an asbestos abatement specification to minimize exposure risks and to ensure that abatement is performed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. The specification will detail work procedures, contractor submittals, health and safety requirements, disposal requirements, scope of work, and compliance/clearance air sampling strategy.

Compliance Monitoring
Conducting asbestos abatement in accordance with all environmental and safety regulations in any building presents certain challenges. Compliance monitoring during the abatement process assures that any problems or questions regarding safety, regulations, or contract specifications will be addressed immediately. Good project management will help solve the small problems before they become large ones as well as help to keep the project on schedule through attentive oversight.

Painted Surfaces
RI Analytical has the qualifications to conduct extensive lead inspections. Representative painted surfaces throughout the project site are visually evaluated, and select areas are then tested using either onsite X-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment or laboratory-based Indctively Coupled Plasma (ICP ).

Soil Sampling
In addition, soil samples from areas surrounding the project structures may be collected and analyzed. A lead report will be prepared to address any environmental lead hazards identified during the inspection and sample analysis work. The report details information such as the conditions of the painted surfaces, the dates of inspection and all analyses, detection methods used as well as a table of the actual lead test results.

Lead-Hazard Work Specifications
This information is then used to prepare written lead-hazard work specifications that will describe details such as the scope of work, bid documents, procedures for performing the work, strategies for the collection of additional samples for analysis, insurance requirements, contractor submittals, health & safety specifications, disposal requirements and monitoring procedures. The client's existing project drawings may be annotated to indicate the location of lead hazards. If requested, R. I. Analytical Laboratories can also assist you with the evaluation of the various remediation contractors' bids.

Direct Reading Field Surveys
General air quality conditions can be characterized using field-portable, direct reading devices, each specifically calibrated to measure levels of suspected environmental pollutants and report the results instantaneously.

Airborne Fungal Analyses
With proper field sampling and laboratory testing techniques, confirmation of the presence of fungi can be made, and a plan for remediation formulated. Air samples are typically collected using an Anderson N6 air impactor, which will allow the amount and species of fungi present to be determined.

Surface Wipes & Vacuum Fungal Analyses
The sources of the fungi present in the air may be concealed from view. To investigate wall and stud cavities, the Wall-Chek sampling device, equipped with Zefron or Air-O-Cell capture media, may be used. Upholstered surfaces may also harbor fungi. Using a vacuum device equipped with specially developed dust collection bags, furniture, carpets and even hard surfaces can be sampled.

Dust Mite Analysis
In addition to fungi, upholstered surfaces and especially carpeting provide an ideal environment for the development of dust mites. R.I. Analytical Laboratories can provide advice, field-sampling services and data interpretation capability regarding dust mite issues.

R. I. Analytical Laboratories is fully certified to provide a complete range of analyses - potable water, soil testing, wastewater and more.

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R.I. Analytical offers a variety of occupational training classes including both initial and refresher classes for Asbestos certification. Classes offered include:

  • Contractor/Supervisor
  • Worker/Handler
  • Competent Person
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Safety and Health
    Outreach for the Construction Industry
  • Additional OSHA Classes

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