R. I. Analytical has specialized in the analysis of water, wastewater, soil, air and bulk materials since 1976. Our environmental laboratories are issued certifications from various regulatory authorities including the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The asbestos laboratory maintains a separate accreditation the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).
The Chemical & Biological Laboratory Division includes all of the laboratory-testing capabilities within the company, and is divided into the following departments:

• Asbestos Analysis
• Biological & Microbiological
• Field Services
• Inorganic Wet chemistry & Physical Parameters
• Metals Testing
• Organic Analyses
• Quality Assurance
• Sample Login and Data Reporting
• Sample Preparation
Drinking Water & Ground Water
An experienced group of client service professionals is available to consult with clients whether they are engineers, municipalities or private homeowners.

Soils & Sludges
A dedicated group of client service professionals is available to discuss soil-testing projects with a broad range of clients including landfill operators, soil disposal and recycling companies, contractors and engineers.

Waste Water
Since 1976, R. I. Analytical Laboratories has been consulting with wastewater clients whether they are industrial dischargers, commercial sewer users, consulting engineers or municipalities.

Specialty Analyses
R. I. Analytical Laboratories offers its clients a choice of over 100 individual analytical methods that may be performed on water, wastewater, soil and other materials. Although this large list of methods is available, clients also call to request non-standard or "special" analytical methods and research studies on a regular basis.

R.I. Analytical maintains a comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) program. Oversight of all quality assurance programs and policies are managed by a full time Quality Control Coordinator, who develops and implements the standard operating procedures used during sample collection, transportation, storage, analysis and final reporting of data.

R. I. Analytical Laboratories performs all quality control monitoring requirements specified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and goes above and beyond those requirements to satisfy additional monitoring provisions related to specific projects or accrediting organizations such as NELAC. Some typical quality control monitoring samples routinely used to document that analytical data is valid and reportable includes:

• Trip Blanks
• Method Blanks
• Field Blanks
• Field Duplicate
• Laboratory Duplicate
• Surrogate Standards
• Internal Standards
• Laboratory Control Standards
• Matrix Spikes and Matrix Spike Duplicates
• Blank Spikes
• Blind QC Samples
R. I. Analytical Laboratories is fully certified to provide a complete range of analyses - potable water, soil testing, wastewater and more.

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Since 1976, R. I. Analytical Laboratories has established a track record of working with homeowners to reliably solve their environmental problems.

  • Asbestos Testing In the Home
  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • Indoor Air Quality Problems
  • Lead Paint Surveys
  • Mold and Mildew Identification
  • Soils Characterization
  • Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation
  • Well Water Testing

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